Tanabo Veterinary Clinic



Billie Pock

Billie Pock - Office Assistant for 5 years. She enjoys working with her 2 year old filly and is the small animal livestock barn manager for the 4-H portion of the Elko County Fair.

Angelica Guerro

Angelica Guerreo - Office Assistant for 2 years. She provides Spanish translation so that our Spanish speaking customers feel more comfortable with their pet-care needs.

Sarah Zumwalt - Office Assistant for 2 years. Not pictured because she is on maternity leave awaiting the birth of Billie's first Grandchild.


Milo - Milo is our official guard cat and greeter. Please be nice to him and he will brighten your day if your animal is coming for a sick visit. He seems to know when people need a ‘lift' in their day. Most of the time you will find him on the front counter.

Did you know? A cat's ears have 32 muscles which can rotate 180 degrees, so the cat can hear in all directions without moving its head.