Tanabo Veterinary Clinic



Billie Pock

Billie Pock - Office Assistant for 5 years. She enjoys working with her 2 year old filly and is the small animal livestock barn manager for the 4-H portion of the Elko County Fair.

Angelica Guerro

Angelica Guerreo - Office Assistant for 2 years. She provides Spanish translation so that our Spanish speaking customers feel more comfortable with their pet-care needs.

Sarah Zumwalt - Office Assistant for 2 years. Not pictured because she is on maternity leave awaiting the birth of Billie's first Grandchild.


Milo - Milo is our official guard cat and greeter. Please be nice to him and he will brighten your day if your animal is coming for a sick visit. He seems to know when people need a ‘lift' in their day. Most of the time you will find him on the front counter.

Did you know? Rocky and Barco are dogs who were famous because they were able to sniff drugs miles away. They patrolled the Texas - Mexico border, and caught so many drug dealers that the drug dealers put a price of $30,000 dollars on their heads!